Thanks to the polymer component and mineral additives, timber, boards, railings and balusters are not damaged by pests, mold and fungi.


Due to polymer components life of WPC products in comparison with wood is increased by 2-3 times


Due to polymer content, WPC structures do not absorb moisture. They do not need to be covered during heavy rain period, as well as over the winter.


Slip resistant in wet and dry conditions


Does not require expensive equipment or special skills


Corresponds to EU regulations.


Does not loose its properties due to UV stabilizers


Does not contain hazardous substances. Can be recycled Made from wood flour and recycled polyethylene


Keeping the original appearance for a long time due to durability and resistance to external influences.


Due to mineral additives, it does not burn well
Why WPC from EcoDeckProfile? Advantages of the material made by us.


EcoDeckProfile specializes in the production of building materials from wood-polymer composite (WPC) and has the most modern (2022) full-cycle equipment: from mixture preparation and in-house production of WPC (WPC) granules, to the production of finished first-class boards.

Our main goal is to produce a high quality and durable product. Quality control of the EcoDeckProfile products takes place at every stage of production: from the purchase of raw materials to the moment the products are shipped to the customer.

We offer high quality decking boards and steps. Together with the equipment, the most modern technology was adopted. Experienced specialists from Germany, Ukraine and Latvia carried out the start-up, consulting and adaptation of production to the raw materials available.

The company's products are manufactured in Latvia, from European raw materials. The production technology and components of EcoDeckProfile terrace boards meet the highest standards of the current market.

Unlike most manufacturers, we apply the wood structure on a board that has not yet cooled down, right at the extruder, which allows us to create a deeper texture on the surface of the terrace board, and reduce the energy consumption for its application. This method of 3D processing makes the board more aesthetic, less slippery, and most importantly more durable and resistant to the environment (no microcracks are formed when applying the texture).

We are paying extra attention to the environmental aspect and the reduction of consumption, associating our products with environmental sustainability in order to respect the environment.

EcoDeckProfile offers various types of wood-polymer composite (WPC) deck boards with deep 3D embossing, “OLD WOOD” style fence boards and “Antislip” stair steps.

Our priority is quality. We do not participate in the race under the slogan "Who will make the cheapest terrace." We produce a few, but very high-quality composite boards, the design of which is suggested by nature itself.


The terrace is like wood, only better…
Everyone has heard that a wood-polymer decking board (WPC) lasts longer than real wood decking. That is true... but only if the terrace was properly assembled, and high-quality materials were used in the production of the terrace board and the technology was strictly observed.

Let's leave the installation process to installers ...
Lets look at the quality of the composite board itself. The main criteria for the durability and strength of products made of WPC (WPC) are the size of the section, the quality of the raw materials and strict adherence to technology.

It is impossible to make a good decking board or step from mediocre materials or by violating the proportions of ingredients.

In the production of composite boards, EcoDecrProfile uses first-class birch flour, very fine fraction, high-quality polyethylene, mineral fillers, inorganic dyes and other necessary components from trusted European suppliers. During production, the proportions of ingredients and technology are strictly observed.
Quality control is carried out at all stages of production. In addition, the use of the most modern equipment allows us to achieve the highest quality boards with reasonable energy costs.
The mechanical properties of our products are confirmed by tests carried out by The Institute of Polymer Mechanics (IPM) of the University of Latvia. The ability of the EcoDecrProfile decking board to withstand the effects of weather was tested in the climate aging chamber of the laboratory of the Riga Technical University (RTU).

Tests that we carried out give you confidence that EcoDecrProfile wood-polymer boards will serve you 3-4 times longer than ordinary wooden boards.

The strength and durability of terrace materials are achieved due to the massive walls and partitions of the terrace board and steps, the high density of the material, the optimal content of UF stabilizers, mineral fillers and antioxidants. Terraces made with EcoDecrProfile boards have a rough, non-slip surface that mimics the structure of natural wood. Wood-polymer composite materials are environmentally friendly, do not emit harmful substances even when heated in the sun and can be recycled at the end of their service life.

You will definitely appreciate the beautiful appearance and quality of our EcoDecrProfile decking and steps.

100% privately OWNED PRODUCTION First-class birch wood flour.

Only proven binders and fillers
from reliable suppliers
from Europe

Strict observance of technology. The most up-to-date equipment. Quality control at every stage of production.

This is how we create
the best terrace board for you

Come and see us! Feel the samples in your hands.
You will know it’s exactly what you have been looking for.




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